Getting Started: Step 2

Review your imported properties

You can review your imported properties by clicking on Step 2 in your Getting Started Checklist or by going to the Properties tab in your navigation.

Your Imported Properties

Your imported properties are visible within the purple box on your Properties page.

Cards with the clock show the properties that are finishing their import. You can come back and review those when they are ready.

How to Review Your Property

Hover over the property card you would like to review. Click "Review."

This will open the property details so you can review and make changes.

Follow your left-hand menu as you review the property. Review the information that is already filled in and complete any missing sections.

Review Complete

Your checklist should have blue done marks on each section when you have finished reviewing. Then, the "Review Complete" button at the bottom of the checklist will turn blue.

Click "Review Complete" when you are done. This will move the card outside of the purple box on your Properties page.

Repeat this process until all of your properties are reviewed. Then you can continue to Step 3 of your Getting Started Checklist.

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